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Data Sutram’s Sales Intelligence application is built on top of the proprietary horizontal data management platform that ingests external alternative sources of data along with internal data to provide visibility into the 60M SMEs in India.

Data Sutram has created this infrastructure to help organisations leverage the power of external data and make the most of their internal data to provide actionable insights, trends & intelligence to propagate strategic decision-making to streamline market sizing, sales prospecting, resource allocation, performance and field force monitoring leading to a data-driven & sustainable top-line business growth.

i) Sales Intelligence ultimate objective will be to maximize unit economics through deriving maximum value per rupee invested.

ii) To help achieve these objectives, we envisage Sales Intelligence to complement existing systems in play by being the ultimate Data Denizen.

iii) Convert quicker Lead to Win & ROI Evangelization

iv) Provide the capability to merge data across various data lakes towards providing unified common objectives towards providing end-game analytics.

v) The key users/personas being Business & Sales Teams, have divergent usages that can be made more accessible through our larger Sales Intelligence offerings - DS Insights & DS Maps

Sales Intelligence will focus on Analytics as a main-stay strategic offering set & strategic selling point to B2B clients.

The entire Application is made up of two components or layers:

  1. The Software Layer:

    • DS Insights
    • DS Maps
  2. The Data Layer: