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Merchant (SME) Profiling

Advance Parameters#

IdentifierData CategoryFeatureDescriptionGranularity
Phone NumbersIdentityPhone StatusActive/ Disconnected StatusIndividual
Phone NumbersIdentityPhone Blacklist ScrubChecking against disconnect Phone numbers released by TRAIIndividual
Phone NumbersIdentityPhone CarrierTelecom Operator for the given phone numberIndividual
Phone NumbersIdentityCountryRegistered Country for the given phone numberIndividual
Phone NumbersIdentityRegistered Online ProfilesSocial Media profiles active on the given email address.Individual
Email IDIdentityEmail StatusActive/disconnected StatusIndividual
Email IDIdentityEmail RIsk ScoreRisk on email based on black lists and domain, also the email Vintage.Individual
Email IDIdentityDomain Trust ScoreHow well is the Domain reputedIndividual
Email IDIdentityDomain RegisteredOwner of the DomainIndividual
Email IDIdentityRegistered Online ProfilesSocial Media profiles active on the given email address.Individual
Email IDIdentityEmail blacklist CheckChecking against a database of discontinued email addresses.Individual
Email IDIdentityData BreachesList of breaches the users profile credentials have been exposed.Individual
IP AddressIdentityRisk scoreRisk associated with IP based on its historic activityIndividual
IP AddressIdentityASNNetwork operators need Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) to control routing within their networks and to exchange routing information with other Internet Service Providers (ISPs).Individual
IP AddressIdentityLocationCoordinatesIndividual
IP AddressIdentityAnonymizing VPNAn anonymizing proxy server, or anonymizer, is a tool that can be used to make online activity untraceable or anonymous.Individual
IP AddressIdentityTOR Exit NodeA Tor exit node is the last Tor node that traffic passes through in the Tor network before exiting onto the internetIndividual
PANIdentityName MatchName Match as per NSDLIndividual
PANIdentityType of HolderType of the Holder: Individual, CompanyIndividual
PANIdentityStatusIs the PAN Currently active and does it belongs to someone.Individual
PANIdentityAadhaar LinkedIs the PAN connected to the owners Aadhaar.Individual
PANIdentityFather’s NameOwners Father’s NameIndividual
GSTIdentityAnnual Aggregate Turnover (Rs)It represents the turnover over the last financial yearIndividual
GSTIdentityGST Income FY (Rs)It signifies the Income bracket for the last financial yearIndividual
GSTIdentityGST Nature of Business activityIt signifies the nature of business the merchant does as per the GST's categorization based on HSNIndividual
GSTIdentityGST Active StatusIt signifies the current status of the GST numberIndividual

Use Cases#

Customer Qualification of Merchants parameters can be used for the following:

  1. Qualification of Merchants (SMEs): Identity verification & financial stability check
  2. Qualification of Merchants (SMEs): Cross-selling by propensity modelling checking financial stability and consumer behaviour
  3. Underwriting for Merchant (SMEs): For thorough checking of financial ability for advanced verification