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About Data Sutram

Data Sutram is an alternative data company that creates insights by leveraging intel from external data sources. The company has created a platform that enterprises can use to get better visibility into their target audiences. This ultimately enables enterprises to grow their top-line growth.

Today, India’s SME/Retail market accounts for more than $1.172 Trillion USD of the Indian Economy. This is 90% unstructured and enterprises across sectors face a major visibility challenge when it comes to understanding this segment’s consumption behaviour. Data Sutram leverages over 250+ sources to provide insights into four aspects for over 60 million SMEs/Retailers across India:

  • Identity of 60 Million SMEs with Name, Type of Business, Contact Info & 20+ Attributes
  • Aggregated Transaction data indicating the capacity of each SME
  • Consumption Behaviour indicating the relevance of the SME to a particular product
  • Location Nature indicating the accessibility to the SME

The data that is processed, collected, and blended is then interpreted in a software layer and used to draw actionable insights. This intelligence empowers applications that help enterprises search & identify the right SMEs to sell their products and plan distribution strategy, sales operations & product push. Today, several enterprises from financial services, FMCG & CPG leverage Data Sutram’s intelligence to expand their reach.

Data Sources#

Raw data from all of these sources is processed, sorted, and organized using an automated AI-driven process. Back-testing algorithms are used to build guardrails.

  • Every data point is geo-coded and mapped at a 150m*150m grid on an interactive platform curated by Data Sutram.
  • Data Sutram blends data from multiple sources which increases the efficiency and reliability of data. It then builds an output on a mathematical data parameter model which has 90-95% accuracy.
Data ParametersIdentifier*Aggregation + Anonymisation*
POS TransactionsGrid Hash
  • Merchant locations mapped against grid hash.
  • Count of aggregated merchants against Grids.
  • Aggregated Transaction Figures.
  • Frequency of Transactions.
Mobility DataMAID (Hash), Grid Hash
  • Individual devices identified through non-reversible MAID hashes.
  • Aggregated Pings against geographical grids.
  • GDPR-compliant International Partners.
POIPOI ID, CIN, GST ID, Contact Number
  • Merchant Id - Internal Identifier Scheme.
  • No Promoter level PII information fetched.
  • Source through and verified by Compliant Partners.
SatelliteGrid Hash
  • High-Resolution low granularity imagery sourced from International Satellites - ESA, NASA, Bhuvan.
  • Insights computed against grids - land classification, nightlight intensity, and building density.
Default DataGrid, Pin code
  • Default Data sourced from Lenders, Debt Collection Agencies, etc.
  • Aggregated Debt default data against grids or pin codes.
  • No PII, or individual attributes - CIBIL Score, age is stored in the system.
  • Default Rate only utilized for modeling & Feature Engineering.

The Product: Horizontal Data Management Platform#

The horizontal data platform provides infrastructure to process, prepare, clean, catalog & blend data from multiple sources to fuel the applications on top of it. The broad types of data that the platform ingests is as follows -

Data TypePartnersImpact on Applications
Identity Data of SMEs/Merchants
  • Public Listing Sites on Internet
  • Government Sources like GSTIN, NSDL, Labour Dept., Municipalities
  • Private Database Vendors
  • Indicates opportunity/leads for Sales Intel for Financial Services
  • Indicates the last mile of decision making for Sales Intelligence for FMCG/CPG
  • Indicates base layer for matching services for Verification & Monitoring Intelligence
Transaction Data
  • Payment Gateways
  • POS/UPI Data
  • Billing Systems
  • Indicates Financial Inclusion in Sales Intelligence or Financial Services
  • Indicates Consumption Behaviour in Sales Intelligence for FMCG, CPG
  • Indicates stability & capacity for SMEs/Merchants for Verification & Monitoring Intelligence
Consumption Data
  • Location SDK/App Data (250M+ Mobile Devices in India)
  • Billing Softwares
  • Accounting Systems
  • Indicates Spend Patterns in Sales Intelligence for Financial Services
  • Indicates Product Demand in Sales Intelligence for FMCG, CPG
  • Indicates capacity for SMEs/Merchants for Verification & Monitoring Intelligence
Location Data
  • Satellite
  • Public Sources
  • Private Vendors
  • Open Street Map
  • Indicates accessibility in Sales Intelligence for Financial Services
  • Indicates accessibility, navigation in Sales Intelligence for FMCG, CPG
  • Indicates stability for SMEs/Merchants for Verification & Monitoring Intelligence
Other Data
  • Credit Bureau
  • Insurance Bureau
  • Indicates intent, risk in Sales Intelligence for Financial Services
  • Indicates intent, risk for SMEs/Merchants for Verification & Monitoring Intelligence

THE USP | How is Data Sutram’s Product Different?#

The primary MOAT of the company is the Horizontal Data Platform that solves for access & interpretability of external data. The following aspects indicate how to maintain an edge over possible competition:

  1. Proprietary Technology Platform

    The core cleaning, processing & blending engines make it possible for automated conversion of unstructured data into information & with patents will serve as the core IP of the business.

  2. Dynamic & Accurate Data

    The dynamic, accurate & granular data will serve to remain a key differentiator when it comes to the impact of intelligence.

  3. Federation of Data Sources

    Exclusivity & federation across data sources with an early mover advantage will further consolidate the core MOAT of the company.

THE APPLICATIONS | How are applications different from the product?#

The applications are vertical products that are built on top of the horizontal data management platform, to propagate seamless interaction, implementation and curation of sustainable business solutions serving different problem statements to address various business needs.

CURRENT APPLICATIONS | Data Sutram Applications that have been released#

Currently applications are being built on top of the Indian Merchant/SME Data to help enterprises who sell to them.

Use Cases
Site Selection To help Retailers, Banks, NBFCs understand where to open Store/Branch/ATM etc.
Sales Intelligence for Financial Services To help Business & Distribution Teams of Banks, NBFCs, Fintechs with:
  1. Market Sizing & Strategy
  2. Performance Benchmarking
  3. Resource Allocation & Distribution Planning
  4. FOS Monitoring
The above helps to map new opportunities for selling products like Current Accounts, QR, POS, Loan etc. indicating cross-sell opportunities for existing customers
Sales Intelligence for CPG, FMCG To help Sales & Distribution Teams of FMCG, CPG companies with:
  1. Market Insights: Demand Sensing & Market Gap Analysis
  2. Distributor Network Planning & Management
  3. Territory Planning
  4. FOS Monitoring
The above helps to map new opportunities to launch products indicating opportunities to increase product push.
Verification & Monitoring Intelligence for Financial Services To help Financial Services with the following:
  1. KYC & Income Verification
  2. Underwriting
  3. SME Monitoring
  4. Collections

Data Privacy#

Data Sutram is a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant organization that takes data protection into account at all times, from the moment we begin developing the product to each time data is processed. We encrypt, pseudonymize or anonymize personal data wherever it is possible.